The Agonizing Death of the Greatest Perfect Game Never Pitched

T.J. Brida usually shows up 15 minutes ahead of his shift. This day, he was thinking he'd be late. He pulled on his work shirt, ran out the front door, got in his car and lit a cigarette, cursing and smacking the steering wheel all the way.

T.J. Brida had just thrown 13 1/3 innings of perfect baseball. And then he… » 4/07/12 6:00pm 4/07/12 6:00pm

This Gaming Geek Shall Inherit MLB 2K11's Million-Dollar Prize

Before setting off to claim a million-dollar bounty offered by MLB 2K11, Brian Kingrey did an analysis. He pored over batting averages, compared pitcher strengths and tendencies, examined the probable starters for the contest's opening day and the batting orders they faced, to determine what hurler had the best chance… » 5/26/11 6:00pm 5/26/11 6:00pm

We Have a Winner in MLB 2K11's Million-Dollar Perfect Game Challenge

When 2K Sports vowed to declare a winner in its second Million-Dollar Perfect Game contest as soon as a winner could be verified, most assumed we'd have heard of a winner in April. Last year's inaugural challenge was won on the very first day, as a matter of fact. » 5/18/11 7:30pm 5/18/11 7:30pm

Million-Dollar Perfect Game Contest Kicks Off Tomorrow

2K Sports has laid another seven-figure bounty on a perfect game thrown in its Major League Baseball game. Players have had about a month to practice with MLB 2K11's pitching and fielding; the chase for 27 straight outs officially begins at noon EDT tomorrow. » 3/31/11 11:00pm 3/31/11 11:00pm