Scary New Computer Virus Could Be Responsible for the Nintendo Bomb Threat

"This week, I'm going to blow up Nintendo headquarters." This anonymous online message appeared on September 10 of this year. Japanese police moved quickly to find out who was responsible for the threat—as well as other threats to blow up Ise Grand Shrine »10/08/12 4:00am10/08/12 4:00am, one of Japan's most important Shinto shrines.

Is This A Stand-up Fight Or A Bug Hunt? Norton AntiVirus For Gaming

PC gamers don't have it easy. Alongside the constant hardware arms race and GPU penis-envy, you have the problem that your platform of choice might not just »11/11/08 5:20pm11/11/08 5:20pm be used for gaming. Even in a locked room with no interwebs a Windows PC is like a magnet for malware and viruses. What's worse, the remedy for such net.bastards…