Bungie Lets Its Inner Fan Shine In Halo Reach's Carnàge Carnivàle

In this latest video documentary for Halo Reach, Bungie developers discuss the features of the upcoming multiplayer beta with the same sort of enthusiasm you'd see from a bunch of guys hanging out at a game store. » 4/22/10 12:20pm 4/22/10 12:20pm

Halo: Reach Is A More Human Halo Story

Bungie has released the first ViDoc for Halo: Reach, in which the team talks retooling the engine, crafting new weapons, and creating a more human story in the Halo universe. » 2/12/10 12:20pm 2/12/10 12:20pm

Halo ODST: Breaking The Mold

Explore Halo 3: ODST's journey from DLC to full game, or in the words of cinematics director CJ Cowan, "Here's an engine, here's a story, you got a year. Go." » 9/17/09 11:20am 9/17/09 11:20am