Here's Stan Bush Rebooting His Iconic Transformers Anthem, 'The Touch'

Fahey wasn't too fond of the remixed "The Touch" that played during the credits for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron last year, the credits only offered an excerpt. Today, Stan Bush released the entire thing. Does the additional context make it better? » 12/15/13 1:00pm 12/15/13 1:00pm

This List of Video Games Sampled by Hip-Hop Artists Said Knock You Out

Rappers love Pac-Man. I mean, everyone loves Pac-Man. But this list at Spin's website—which catalogs 50 rap songs that have sampled game music for their beats—testifies to the abiding love affair MCs have for the hungry video game icon. There have been a lot of Super Mario samples and some genuine surprises—who… » 10/18/12 2:30pm 10/18/12 2:30pm