The Nintendo Download: Blaster Master Meets Earthworm Jim

The Nintendo Download goes underground this week, dislodging sentient earthworms from the topsoil as it desperately searches for its mutated pet frog. » 12/14/09 12:20pm 12/14/09 12:20pm

Weekly Wii Update - Mega Man Meets Vectorman

The Mega Man 9 invasion begins, and on the Nintendo Wii he's bringing backup! This week's Nintendo Wii update not only brings us the WiiWare version of Capcom's retro redux on the blue bomber (1,000 points), we also get the Sega Genesis classic Vectorman (800 points), which is also the story of a robot going up… » 9/22/08 10:20am 9/22/08 10:20am

Weekly Wii Update - Super Mario RPG!

How dare you, Nintendo! How dare you release Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo (800 points) on the Wii Virtual Console on a holiday Monday when I wasn't paying attention? I could have been playing that all day long yesterday instead of...playing the other games I was playing all day… » 9/02/08 10:20am 9/02/08 10:20am

Nintendo's Fischer Apologizes For Geeks And Otaku Comment

It almost goes without saying, but Nintendo of Europe's managing director Laurent Fischer deeply regrets stating that "geeks and otaku" were the only people concerned about running out of space on their Nintendo Wii due to WiiWare and Virtual Console titles, comments that ticked off gamers and developers alike.… » 6/13/08 1:20pm 6/13/08 1:20pm