Electronic Arts Lays Off Six Hundred

Word hit today through the grapevine that "massive" layoffs had hit at Electronic Arts. Initially we heard as much as 20 percent of the staff has been let go, but a quick check with Electronic Arts confirms that it was actually 6 percent, or about 600 positions. "EA is continuing to make progress against our business… » 10/30/08 4:56pm 10/30/08 4:56pm

Space Invaders Attack World Trade Center At Games Convention

Let's file this one under "Too Soon." Seen at the "Invaders!" booth, tucked away in Hall Four of the Games Convention being held in Leipzig, Germany right now, was this non- » 8/20/08 2:10pm 8/20/08 2:10pm interactive installation featuring the classic Taito space faring aliens laying waste to the Twin Towers. It was projected on a massive screen in…

Rumor: LucasArts Sees Massive Layoffs, Outsources Jobs [Updated]

We've heard from multiple sources today that LucasArts has laid off approximately 50-100 of its employees, including a handful of higher profile names like VP of Product Development Peter Hirschmann. The move comes just a few days after the publisher and developer released LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures » 6/05/08 10:40pm 6/05/08 10:40pm