The 14 Songs of Valentine... in Video Games

On February 14, Anne Howard Shaw’s Day is celebrated after the leader of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States. Coincidentally, it is also the same day where the feast of St. Valentine is celebrated in numerous countries around the world to pay respects to the martyrdom of many Christian figures that were… »2/14/15 1:00pm2/14/15 1:00pm


14 Strangest Romances in Gaming


Love in both gaming and real life can be as strange and erratic as Tetris pieces. Sometimes the tetriminoes fit, but just as often jar against each other, jammed into disjointed layers that we hope will eventually layer into completion. There have been lots of strange romances in gaming, as perennial as Mario's… »2/13/15 7:20am2/13/15 7:20am

1960s Batman Valentine’s Day Cards Are Weirdly Awesome

Batman is no stranger to love. He hugs people and things sometimes. (Usually after something bad happens, though.) So Valentine's Day stuff with the Dark Knight's likeness on it aren't necessarily the worst merchandising idea. But these old cards featuring Batman, Robin and their enemies are, honestly, a little freaky. »2/12/14 5:00pm2/12/14 5:00pm

Breaking a World Record Seems Like a Fine Reason to Get a Virtual Marriage

Marriage, ladies and gentlemen. Marriage is a game mechanic, or at least it will be early next month when update 1.7 goes live for Trion Worlds' MMO Rift. They'll be celebrating the new feature on February 14 by attempting to establish the World Record for most in-game marriages in a 24-hour period. Where's that… »1/25/12 12:30pm1/25/12 12:30pm