Utopia, One Of The Best Shows On TV, Just Got Cancelled

If you're American, and you've never heard of the British conspiracy drama Utopia, that's OK. The show has been running for two seasons on Channel 4, and has yet to make it over to the states. Yesterday it was announced Utopia was not being renewed for a third series and that is a travesty. I am not exaggerating when… »10/10/14 7:56pm10/10/14 7:56pm


Global Warming Could Give Us A Future Straight Out Of A Video Game

Earth has seen much better days, and science says it's largely humanity's fault. This week, the antarctic ice sheet's eventual collapse was declared "unstoppable" by research teams. How might we survive unprecedented rises in sea level? No one's sure, but games like BioShock and Brink may have the right idea. »5/16/14 9:25pm5/16/14 9:25pm