If Only We Could Download Patches For People

Does your boyfriend snore? Is your child a bit too precocious? Does your mother keep calling you for tech support? Just hook them up to your computer via their handy USB port and patch them. » 2/09/15 5:00pm 2/09/15 5:00pm

How Do I Know When to Upgrade My PC or Just Build a New One?

Dear Lifehacker,
My computer is getting a little old. I built it myself, but I'm not sure whether it's worthwhile to upgrade individual things like my processor or video card or whether I should just start from scratch and build a new rig. How can I tell when it's time to upgrade and when I should start over? » 5/05/14 10:30am 5/05/14 10:30am

How to Overclock Your Video Card and Boost Your Gaming Performance

Overclocking—or running your hardware at higher speeds than it was designed to run—is one of the best ways to boost your gaming performance. Here's how to overclock your video card and get faster, smoother games without spending a dime. » 6/11/13 8:00am 6/11/13 8:00am

Did They Improve The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time's Graphics…

Here's a new trailer for the June-scheduled 3DS re-make of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. The graphics have been improved, though my memory already made them look as good as they appear in this new trailer. » 5/03/11 1:00pm 5/03/11 1:00pm

A Sandstorm Kicks Up In Global Agenda

Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios launches phase one of the massive Sandstorm patch to Global Agenda today, bringing many much-needed additions to the massively multiplayer online shooter, including revamped Agency-vs-Agency combat, epic weapons, and single player content. » 6/03/10 1:00pm 6/03/10 1:00pm

The 250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive Stands Alone

While Microsoft's 250GB Xbox 360 hard disk is currently only available in North America as part of a console bundle, according to a new ad popping up on the 360 dashboard, that's about to change. » 3/23/10 11:20am 3/23/10 11:20am