WWE Star Plays Final Fantasy Victory Theme Twice During Monday Night Raw

Xavier Woods, leader of the endlessly entertaining WWE tag team act The New Day, added two Final Fantasy Easter Eggs to last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. He played the series’ signature victory fanfare on a trombone during a backstage segment and then, awesomely, during the main event while his partner was… »9/08/15 1:48pm9/08/15 1:48pm


Grand Theft Blotto: What GTAV Means To A Laid-Off Depressive Like Me

I am on a rampage. Having recently been laid off from my posh tech job, the one with the free sodas and Work From Home days, the one where the employees put the casual in business casual and there's non-stop tension between the Product and Design teams, the one where the staff, like its counterparts dotted all up and… »10/12/13 11:24pm10/12/13 11:24pm