The New Moneysaver: Bioshock Infinite Pre-Order Bonuses

Hi, Moneysaver readers. Welcome to the slightly-different but still wallet-friendly version of the Moneysaver. Going forward, this feature will be brought to you by a member of our company's new Commerce Team. Fancy! What this means is that you'll no longer see Moneysavers penned by those of us in editorial but by the… »3/20/13 7:30pm3/20/13 7:30pm

Everyone’s Going to Play as the Bad Guys in Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer, Aren’t They?

Ok, yes: the Marines in Gearbox's officially sanctioned Aliens shooter have some cool guns. But, honestly, if you're going to pick up this game, do you really want to play as another sci-fi soldier? No, you're not. You're going to want to impale humans on your deadly tail, slash them to bits and spit acid as a Xeno.… »1/30/13 9:30pm1/30/13 9:30pm

Assassin’s Creed III’s Evil George Washington DLC Comes Out on Feb. 19

Priced at $10 for the first episode, the long-teased "Tyranny of George Washington" DLC comes to Assassin's Creed III next month. The alternate reality add-on comes out a day after the U.S.' President's Day holiday and shows a Ratonhnhaké:ton who never joined the Assassin's Order. Titled "The Infamy," the first… »1/24/13 12:12pm1/24/13 12:12pm

White Actress Will Voice Assassin's Creed's Black Heroine [Correction]

When Assassin's Creed III made its stunning debut a few months ago, Ubisoft proudly noted that they were using an actor with Native American heritage to bring new lead character Connor Kenway/Ratohnhaké:ton to life. In the game, Connor's parents were of British and Mohawk descent and the casting of a performer who… »8/29/12 5:00pm8/29/12 5:00pm