You Can Voice-Chat On the Wii U While Gaming, But There's a Catch [UPDATE 2]

The Wii U will support in-game voice chat, but you'll be forgiven if you're not sure exactly how that will work. Nintendo hasn't shown an official headset for the Wii U and the Wii U's Pro Controller—the one that looks a lot like an Xbox 360 controller—doesn't even have a port to connect one. »10/18/12 11:15am10/18/12 11:15am

I've Spent Two Months Screaming Into these Turtle Beach PX3 Headphones

A couple of months ago, a box arrived from headphone specialists Turtle Beach containing a set of PX3 headphones. Just in time for my family to go overseas and talk to me for a month on Skype, and just in time for Battlefield 3, where I'd want my friends to hear me scream as I flew a helicopter into the side of a… »11/25/11 6:00am11/25/11 6:00am