Turbonegro For Guitar Hero, SingStar As Well

Those floozies!. Here we were, thinking Turbonegro had pledged themselves to just Rock Band II, when the lovely Snorre Byrne - from Norwegian site Dagbladet - got in touch to let us know the band aren't exactly Rock Band-exclusive. The band's manager Rune Grønn has also signed deals for the band to appear in Guitar… » 6/14/08 1:30am 6/14/08 1:30am

Do We Have Our First Rock Band II Artist?

Being quite the Turbonegro fan, I went and read the entirety of this morning's Age of Conan press release. And what do you know. Listed towards the end is a bunch of stuff the band's appeared on lately. Stuff like Jackass, Wildboyz and Dirty Sanchez. Oh, and - according to the band's management, at least - Rock Band… » 6/13/08 12:30am 6/13/08 12:30am

Age Of Conan Gets Scandinavian Punk Rock Soundtrack

Get ready for difficult-to-pronounce names. Composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen has done a two-disc soundtrack for Age of Conan, featuring a variety of Scandinavian musicians, including Helene Bøksle, folks from Norway's State Opera Choir, and three songs kicked in by rock group Turbonegro, who performed at the game's… » 6/12/08 10:40am 6/12/08 10:40am