Warp’s Teleportation Lets You Distract Bad Dudes with Decoys, Then Tear Them Apart From the Inside

With the genius exhibited by Valve's Portal games, it wouldn't be entirely unfair to think that there's a conceptual no-fly zone around the use teleporting as a game mechanic. At the very least, if you're going to use the ability to pop in and out of reality in your game, then you need to make it demonstrably… »10/25/11 1:20pm10/25/11 1:20pm


Warp Is My Favorite Scientist-Exploding PAX East Discovery, So Far

I keep asking people who I run into at PAX East to tell me which games I should check out. Thank you, to whoever told me to try Warp. I think it was Eka, hype man extraordinaire for Monday Night Combat. I'm glad I went. Warp lets you be an alien who can warp through doors, into exploding barrels or into scientists… »3/12/11 1:30pm3/12/11 1:30pm