Watch the Extended Godzilla Trailer and Know Bryan Cranston's Horror

Warner Brothers just dropped a new, extended trailer for Godzilla. Some of this footage we've seen before, but a decent chunk of it is brand spanking new – including the first publicly released glimpse into why Bryan Cranston's character is so very, very angry. » 4/06/14 2:21am 4/06/14 2:21am

Ender's Game trailer shows the epic space war our children will fight

A brand-new trailer for Ender's Game is out, showing a whole lotta new footage and a much larger look at the space war the future human race is fighting. There are lots of swarming bug ships attacking Earthly jets, but our big takeaway is the above shot — holy crap, the Battle Room just keeps looking better and… » 8/06/13 5:19pm 8/06/13 5:19pm

The Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity Will Turn Your Knuckles White

We've been dying to share a first glimpse of Gravity with you ever since we saw this intense footage at CinemaCon. It's visually stunning, and absolutely terrifying. Cuarón directed Children of Men, so you can expect great things from this movie. » 5/09/13 8:49pm 5/09/13 8:49pm