Ex-Team Ninja Boss Has A New Studio With A New Name

Dead or Alive developer Tomonobu Itagaki left Tecmo over unpaid wages and started up a new studio. It was originally thought to be called "Tokyo Vikings". It's not. » 3/03/10 8:00am 3/03/10 8:00am

Itagaki Bayonetta Creator Hate May Provide Game Clues

Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki has left Tecmo's Team Ninja. He's been away, but has returned with a new start-up, unofficially dubbed the Tokyo Vikings. » 6/08/09 8:00am 6/08/09 8:00am

Ex-Team Ninja Lead Itagaki Speaks About What's Next

Former Team Ninja lead Tomonobu Itagaki is in the catbird's seat, having moved on from Tecmo and on to things not Ninja Gaiden or Dead Or Alive related. It's even better for us. » 5/26/09 10:00pm 5/26/09 10:00pm