Time Surfer is a Psychedelic Sci-Fi Tear Through Tiny Wings Territory

In the popular iOS game Tiny Wings, players use a single finger to control the flight of an adorable baby bird as it slides down hills and soars through the serene sky, chased by peaceful dreams. Time Surfer is the same thing, except instead of peaceful dreams it's the end of the universe, the sky is filled with… » 1/11/13 8:55am 1/11/13 8:55am

This Game Trailer is a Beautiful Way to Start the Week

This is a teaser trailer for Tiny Wings 2.0, the upcoming sequel to the smash iPhone game. Even if you couldn't give a rat's arse about the original, the clip is still worth a look, because it shows you can successfully advertise an iPhone game without resorting to bottom-shelf GIANT TEXT AND CARTOON STILLS all the… » 7/08/12 8:00pm 7/08/12 8:00pm