Man Impersonates Chinese Police To Retrieve Game Account

Losing account credentials is a hassle, but no matter how annoying it is to get them back, one should never impersonate the authorities. Unfortunately, one man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, after losing access to one of his favourite online games, decided to impersonate public security. Now, he's facing prison time. » 7/15/13 6:00am 7/15/13 6:00am

Chinese TV Catches Weatherman Playing Online Game

You know that scene in the Avengers » 1/28/13 6:00am 1/28/13 6:00am? That scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) starts talking about the faults of everyone on board and then he points out that this one technician was playing instead of operating the super flying aircraft carrier? Well it sorta happened in China this week when a weatherman was…