You Must Watch This Supercut of Hugh Jackman Screaming as Wolverine

Being a damn-near immortal killing machine comes with a lot of angst. Friends die, people stab you and those claws hurt every single time they pop out of your forearms. So it’s understandable that Wolverine screams a lot. Want to see every time actor Hugh Jackman screams in the movies featuring the iconic, Canadian… »7/24/13 6:00pm7/24/13 6:00pm

The first Wolverine trailer shows big trouble in actual Tokyo

We've seen the teasers, but now the first full-length trailer for The Wolverine is here and... wow. Viper? Silver Samurai? Jean Grey? World War II? Bullet trains? Ninjas? The Wolverine has all of that and more. Admittedly, I'm not sure how I feel about this "Wolverine becomes mortal" thing, but I really like how… »3/27/13 9:49am3/27/13 9:49am

Hollywood, Let's Fix This Small Mistake in The Wolverine Movie

Hollywood movies usually get Japan wrong. There are exceptions, sure, but generally speaking, they fail miserably. It's either hiring non-Japanese actors to play Japanese characters or doing a bad job of recreating the country.

The Wolverine, which takes its titular hero to Japan, seems to be doing a solid job of… »10/12/12 4:00am10/12/12 4:00am