This Week in Dangerous Games: Uncharted 3's Tameness, Slow-Mo Cigarette Throwing, and Black Eyed Peas Lyrics

Here we are for a slightly late Week in Dangerous Games, where we look at the latest certificates from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to determine what, if anything we should be concerned about this week. Here's a hint: It's the Black Eyed Peas. We should always be concerned about the Black Eyed Peas. »11/02/11 9:00pm11/02/11 9:00pm

The Week in Dangerous Games: Layton's Wino Tendencies, Romantic Rectal Exams, and The Humpty Dance

After a week of downtime, I'm picking up our friend Mike McWhertor's stewardship of our weekly look at the new ways that games are offending the world's sensibilities. Or at least, offending the sensibilities of the fine folks at the Electronic Software Rating Board, aka the ESRB. »10/24/11 10:00pm10/24/11 10:00pm