EA Shows Off Mirror's Edge, Skate-It, And World Adventures On The iPhone

EA Mobile passes along a set of new screenshots showing off three big titles they're bringing to the iPhone in the coming months - Skate-It, Mirror's Edge, and The Sims 3 World Adventures. » 3/03/10 2:30pm 3/03/10 2:30pm

The Sims 3: World Adventures Review: A Form Of Manifest Destiny

Expansions are to The Sims series as pimples are to puberty: they're going to happen, so embrace them and try to avoid nasty pit scars. It's just part of growing up. » 12/22/09 8:00pm 12/22/09 8:00pm

Behind The Music: The Sims 3 World Adventures

There's nothing quite as entertaining than watching accomplished recording artists like Nelly Furtado trying to sing their own songs after they've been translated into The Sims gibberish language. » 11/16/09 11:20am 11/16/09 11:20am

Take A Peek At Paris In New Sims Screens

I'm still really bummed that you can't move to one of the three countries Sims 3: World Adventures adds to the virtual map. But at least you can take the wine home with you. » 10/29/09 2:30am 10/29/09 2:30am

Sims 3 World Adventures: Chopsticks, Mummies & the French – Oh My!

My addiction to the Sims series gives me a lot of tolerance for endless expansions and stuff packs that add new dimensions and new furniture to gameplay. » 10/02/09 8:00pm 10/02/09 8:00pm

The Sims 3 World Adventures Goes Underground

The Sims 3 expansion pack World Adventures brings with it a basement tool, which everyone will use to build tombs, and not underground Sim torture chambers. » 9/18/09 11:40am 9/18/09 11:40am

Let The Sims 3 Expansions Begin

Travel around the simulated world this November, as EA announces The Sims 3 World Adventures, the globe-spanning first expansion to the top-selling threequel. » 8/03/09 10:40am 8/03/09 10:40am