Skullgirls, The Pinball Arcade New This Week on the PlayStation Store

We've got some good downloadable stuff on the PlayStation store, including the cross-play compatible The Pinball Arcade for both Vita and PS3, and Skullgirls for the PS3. Austin Wintory's amazing Journey soundtrack is available for download (it's also available on iTunes), and Persona 3: FES is now available as a PS2… »4/10/12 9:00pm4/10/12 9:00pm


The Painstaking Process Behind 'The Best Pinball Video Game Ever Made'

Pinball is storied; pinball is distinctive. Pinball has a fascinating history, pinball has been a part of almost every American's youth in some capacity or another. It's a controlled collision of physics and art, all in the service of giving players a kinesthetic experience that's not quite like anything else.… »2/20/12 8:00pm2/20/12 8:00pm