Q&A: The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle On Pro Wrestling's Arty Allure

John Darnielle has made his creative mark by exploring obsessions, extremities, intense emotional moments, and their aftermaths. Over nearly a quarter-century, his band the Mountain Goats have moved from solo-guitar-and-voice home tapes to elegant full-band albums featuring long-established cohorts Peter Hughes on… » 4/09/15 12:20pm 4/09/15 12:20pm

Mario-Inspired Jazzy Song Hits Indie Scene

I'm a fan of game-music, music inspired by games, and music made by games. It's all good, or at least it can be. So my interest was piqued when reader Jim emailed to let us know that indie bands Kaki King and The Mountain Goats had gotten together to record a six-song EP entitled Black Pear Tree. Among the songs can… » 9/07/08 11:00am 9/07/08 11:00am