In Game Design, Sometimes You Have To Fake It 'till You Make... The Gunstringer

Some of the best ideas are born of strange, stressful circumstances. Case in point: Twisted Pixel's inspired and highly enjoyable new Kinect game The Gunstringer. To hear Twisted Pixel CEO Mike Wilford and chief creative officer Josh Bear tell it, the two of them came up with the idea for the game… during their pitch… »9/26/11 7:30pm9/26/11 7:30pm


Forget Unreal: I'm All About Twisted Pixel's "Beard" Engine

Like many folks, I've got a complicated relationship with pre-game splash screens. On the one hand, I like that series of middleware introductions, publisher logos, and various other graphical preamble that flash across my screen, largely because of how I savor them the first time I'm playing a game that I'm excited… »9/19/11 10:00pm9/19/11 10:00pm