Live-Action XCOM Series Asks: Booze or Gun? How About Both.

So, I told you the kid would buy the farm. That seemed obvious in the first installment of the live-action YouTube series for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Then we found out it was Agent Cole's wife and boy. Since his life is one big country music song now, what do you think he's going to grab, the .38 or the likker? »7/24/13 11:00am7/24/13 11:00am

Better Come to This XCOM Prequel With a Plan. Or Aliens Will Kill You.

The developers at 2K Marin working on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified say that they're going to be throwing serious challenge at you. And from what I played a few months ago, this 1962-set prequel to last year's hit release isn't the kind of game that you just coast through. Good thing this newest trailer covers some… »6/19/13 8:00am6/19/13 8:00am

30 Minutes with The Bureau: At Least That Old XCOM Shooter LOOKS Cool

For a brief few seconds while playing through a 30-minute slice of 2K Games' upcoming XCOM game, I thought I was in 2010. Now, you might say, 'waitaminnit, The Bureau's set in 1962, isn't it?' You'd be right. But, there's an unmistakable whiff of Mass Effect—specifically ME2, when the series became much more… »5/13/13 8:00am5/13/13 8:00am