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Here Are Some Things To Expect in Kingdom Hearts 3

While the announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3 came a little sooner than director Testuya Nomura may have wanted, simply getting confirmation is a relief for fans who have long been waiting for an official numbered sequel. The game is still in early stages of development, but Nomura did offer a few points on what we can… » 6/20/13 7:00am 6/20/13 7:00am

Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Dead [Update]

It's been six years since Square Enix first showed Final Fantasy Versus XIII's debut trailer. Six long years. When that trailer premiered, George W. Bush was president, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were alive, and the global financial crisis had not yet hit. 2006 was a different world, a long, long time ago. » 7/20/12 4:01am 7/20/12 4:01am