DJMax Technika Tune is a Music Game Tailor-Made For the Vita

Last generation's PSP was a bastion of great music games with titles like Lumines » 10/12/12 6:40am 10/12/12 6:40am and —in addition to re-releases of classics like and . However, one music series has been often overlooked, despite having some of the best music games around: . Why has it been snubbed? Probably because of the fact that, of the series'…

The New DJMax Really Puts The Vita's Touch Screens to Use

The Korean-made DJMax » 10/09/12 6:00am 10/09/12 6:00am games are some of the most popular in the PSP's library—in addition to being some of the best music games ever made. Now, with , it's coming to the Vita as well.