The 16 Best Final Fantasy Songs. Ever.

A continuation of the compilation soundtrack to your life has released today, Final Fantasy fans. With 221 songs of field music to traverse, boss battles to fight and events to trigger, what better way to celebrate Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and FF music than with a little Mixtape Challenge of our own? » 9/16/14 11:28am Tuesday 11:28am

You Should Try: Mother 3

This "You Should Try" is for a game that many of you have likely heard of before but I doubt as many have actually played it. If the name Mother 3 only manages to ring a bell then you probably heard about it from people begging Nintendo to release it outside of Japan. If you're wondering "Why would you recommend I… » 8/27/14 7:35am 8/27/14 7:35am

Going Back to the Best and Worst Schools in Video Games

"School's Out for Summer" are the rockin' lyrics that will be relevant again in May and June of 2015. As kids are gearing up to head back to those hallowed halls of higher education, or wallowing in self-pity at their desks as we speak, here are some of video games' best and worst classrooms and schools that heroes… » 8/20/14 9:06am 8/20/14 9:06am

7 Thoughts on the Strangeness of Silent Hill

The best Silent Hill games have always been about psychological terror, the emotions that haunt and wrack the protagonists with guilt and regret. Yes, thrills abound and there are horrific monsters, but it's the mental anguish that overwhelms players and keeps us going back to the city in a murky haze that is nebulous… » 8/13/14 11:30am 8/13/14 11:30am

A Mini-Survival Guide To JRPGs

So I recently convinced some friends of mine to try Japanese role-playing games (JRPG). Let me tell you, it was no easy task. It took a comparison of games they played in the past, and a pleasing price range to get them to consent. But even after the hassle they still treaded carefully and they have every right to do… » 8/11/14 4:00am 8/11/14 4:00am

Divinity: Original Sin Rewards Tactics and Punishes Poor Strategy

Smoke LadyMuscle, an adept and skillful Rogue, who still wonders, to this day, why the Maker christened her with such a name, launched a volley of Static Cloud arrows at a small, ravenous band of grotesque and powerful orcs — stunning them in their tracks, mere meters from where she stood. She sighed with relief,… » 7/31/14 9:40am 7/31/14 9:40am

Opinion: The One Thing I Want in the New Doom - Doomguy's Face

Of all the games that have been announced as coming soon, between Freedom Wars and Destiny, the only game that I'm particularly excited over is the reincarnation of Doom. Why? Because the original Doom is still the greatest game I ever played, and while none of the sequels (including Doom 2) captured what I possibly… » 7/29/14 9:20am 7/29/14 9:20am

Confessions of a Professional Gamer

You read the headline wrong. Don't blame yourself, it's my fault. Add a comma: Confessions of a Professional, Gamer or flip it to Confessions of a Gamer Professional. No, I don't get paid to play video games. Jesus, what a sweet world that would be if I did. What I do get paid to do is prosecute drunk drivers,… » 7/03/14 10:29am 7/03/14 10:29am

Get N or Get Out: What Nintendo Fans Need to See at E3


Nintendo is arguably the world's most prolific game creator; capable of churning out hit after hit and focusing their efforts on a lineup of exclusive series that are known the world over. Despite these efforts, however, Nintendo has been in dire straits as of late. The Wii U's lackluster sales have been the subject… » 5/23/14 9:46am 5/23/14 9:46am

​"If You Want to Be a Hero, You Need to Have Dreams."

To SOLDIER 1st Class Zack Fair of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, this phrase, this motto of his, became his modus operandi. His whole life revolved around pursuing his dreams with all his heart, and defending his honor. And for some reason, after all the times I've played through that game and talked about it, and… » 5/09/14 3:54pm 5/09/14 3:54pm