My love for Falcom Games, or How Falcom Shaped My Experience with JRPGs

During the early years in gaming, JRPGs were one of the few ways of getting a good, meaningful story in games, but as much as fans of the genre adore them, JRPGs have their fair share of problems. The story of the genre hasn’t been the smoothest, and many people’s experiences reflect that, my own included. This is a…

Fallout 4: The Moment the Apocalypse Hit Me 

Like many others this past week, I have sunk many hours into exploring and shooting up the Commonwealth. I have been greatly enjoying myself be it through hoarding duct tape and wonderglue to upgrade my guns, fighting off hoards of super mutants, or enjoying the hilariously noir feeling of the Third Rail (a topic for…


Cooking with TAY: Housewarming Chocolate Babka

This past month I moved into an apartment closer to my new job. It’s the first time that I’ve ever lived totally alone without a even a cat to keep me company, and to be totally honest it feels more than a bit strange. So what better way to make a mostly-empty apartment feel like home than to fill it with the smell of…

How to Get a Terabyte of Storage Without Buying That Ugly PS4

Want extra room for your games, save files and capture gallery, but don’t want a console that’ll make your retinas bleed and looks like it runs off of MTN DEW? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m here to show you to upgrade your storage on your already-beautiful PS4 without voiding your warranty.