The Unlikely Future Of Ordering At Pizza Hut

The first thing this concept video for a fully interactive tabletop Pizza Hut touch ordering system gets wrong is imagining a future where people still dine in at Pizza Hut. » 3/04/14 9:10am 3/04/14 9:10am

How Does the First Quad Core Tegra Tablet Handle Gaming?

Having spent an extensive amount of time playing games on a dual core Tegra 2 Android tablet, I can only imagine how much better gaming must be on the new quad core Tegra 3-powered Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Why? Because I don't have one. Joanna Stern at The Verge does, however, so we'll let her tell us how it… » 12/01/11 12:20pm 12/01/11 12:20pm