WoW's 10 Million Subscribers Are Great... Until You Look at Facebook's Billion

Sitting down and catching up on all the news this morning, a pair of headlines jumped out at me. Both were, in a sense, subscriber numbers. Each, by itself, is mildly interesting. Together, though, the figures paint a clear picture of why game development today is moving in a particular direction. »10/04/12 4:30pm10/04/12 4:30pm

World of Warcraft Lures Lapsed Players Back with Cataclysm Upgrades and High Level Characters

What does it take to lure a lapsed player back to World of Warcraft? With subscription numbers slowly-but-surely dropping, Blizzard launches the new Scroll of Resurrection program, granting returning players a free upgrade to the Cataclysm expansion and an instant jump to level 80 — they just need to be asked. »3/07/12 9:30am3/07/12 9:30am