Video Game Stocks Hit Hard (Just Like Everyone Else)

Things are tough all over. Despite being branded as a "recession proof" industry, the publicly traded stocks of video game publishers dropped like a rock today, following news that the US House of Representatives had rejected a $700 billion bail out for failing financial services. Hardest hit? It's looking like… » 9/29/08 10:00pm 9/29/08 10:00pm

Take-Two Stock In Nose Dive After EA Loses Interest

So Electronic Arts buying Take-Two Interactive is no longer a going concern » 9/15/08 12:20pm 9/15/08 12:20pm, and as our interest in the story wanes, so do stock prices for the two companies. Both stocks are taking hits on the North American stock exchange this morning. started off taking a more substantial hit of 2.7%, but prices have risen during…