Category Shuffle Improves Video Game Composers' Shot at Grammy

In March, a five-year-old song for Civilization IV became the first original composition for a video game soundtrack to win a Grammy. While no award has been created specifically for video game scores - in fact, more than 30 categories have been eliminated for next year - a renaming of four categories means games will… »4/08/11 10:00pm4/08/11 10:00pm


EA's Steve Schnur Explains The Hype Behind The Madden Soundtrack

EA seems to want to make it clear that the announcement of Madden 09's official soundtrack is an event, and music boss Steve Schnur told Kotaku about a few more promotions to drive the point home: First, Target's pre-order bonus for the game will be an iTunes card that lets you download ten of the soundtrack songs… »7/08/08 5:40pm7/08/08 5:40pm