​The Hardest iOS Game I Ever Played Is Still Hard But Still a Favorite

Playing Eliss Infinity is like taking care of a toddler. It's fun, stressful and, if you do it wrong, poop winds up on everything. Ok, maybe not that last part. But, it does communicate the idea that something incredibly valuable in the universe needs the constant attention of your hands to live. No pressure. »2/07/14 4:30pm2/07/14 4:30pm

One of the iPhone's Earliest Slices of Genius Is Getting a Big Update

You remember those first few waves of iPhone games, don't you? Some tried clumsily to mimic other experiences from the PC or consoles. A few tried to make use of the touchscreen or accelerometer in interesting ways but didn't quite get it. Eliss—a clever but hard little game about moving planets with your… »1/31/14 4:30pm1/31/14 4:30pm