EA Blames Post-Release Policies for Crysis 2's Disappearance from Steam

Electronic Arts has followed its claim that Steam "expelled" the EA-published Crysis 2 with an explanation that some EA games will not be available over Steam, the leading PC download service, because of a dispute over how they are patched and updated. This comes, of course, a month after EA opened Origin, its own… »7/06/11 8:30pm7/06/11 8:30pm

EA Says It Was Valve Who 'Expelled' Crysis 2 from Steam

EA and Crytek's Crysis 2 was available on Valve's Steam service until this week. Now it's available "only on Origin," Electronic Arts' new digital store (and a few others, actually). Despite the change and conjecture about the motivations behind it, EA says it was not behind the decision to pull Crysis 2 from Steam. »6/15/11 3:40pm6/15/11 3:40pm