130+ Games In Two Weeks? Time to Slow Down, Steam

The Steam community is certainly a productive bunch. In total, the last two weeks gave us one-hundred and thirty seven new Greenlight titles to look forward to. That's... rather impressive. Of course, this means there's a whole bunch of platformers, horror games, and RPGs for us to check out, so let's get started! » 10/30/13 5:30am 10/30/13 5:30am

Oh Look, It's Raining Steam Games Again

It's been a productive three weeks for Steam's Greenlight—not as preposterously productive as last time, but still, quite productive. This time, we have 57 freshly community-approved titles to examine, which should all hopefully arrive on Steam sometimes in the near future. Let's dig in, shall we? » 10/03/13 7:40am 10/03/13 7:40am

American McGee's Five-Year-Old Grimm Series Seeks New Life On Steam

Back in the summer of 2008, a game called American McGee's Grimm debuted on GameTapan episodic action-adventure written by R. J. Berg, who also worked on American McGee's Alice. In the following one and a half year period, Grimm received 22 additional episodes. And now, it's on Steam Greenlight. » 7/30/13 5:40am 7/30/13 5:40am

Yep, Deadly Premonition Is Coming to Steam. Along With 13 Other Games

Rather impressively, it only took six days for the community to put Deadly Premonition on Steam. That's pretty quick. Of course, SWERY's quirky horror game isn't the only title we'll get to play on Steam thanks to Greenlight. There's 13 more games (and two software titles) to look at, so let's dive right in! » 7/25/13 5:40am 7/25/13 5:40am

Steam's Fresh Batch of Greenlit Games Includes “Minecraft with Guns”

Of course, Guncraft is just one of the eight games (and three software titles) the community approved for Steam-driven distribution last week. We've got a jungle survival game, a supernatural adventure-thriller, and even a mining adventure set on Mars. Let's dive right in. » 7/01/13 9:20am 7/01/13 9:20am

Explore, Survive, Role-Play: Here's The Latest Of Steam's Greenlight

The city building game built by fighting game veterans and the "rogue-lite" with the awesome soundtrack are just two of the ten games that nabbed community-assured distribution rights on Steam this month. Let's have a look at who and what they are. » 6/14/13 8:30am 6/14/13 8:30am

The Game That Fights Pirates With Piracy Was Just Greenlit On Steam

This batch of recently green-lit games looks fantastic, and not just because it includes the game development simulator where piracy battles piracy. Let's take a closer look at the upcoming games that will eventually release on Steam, shall we? » 5/16/13 9:30pm 5/16/13 9:30pm

These Are The First Non-Games To Make It Through Steam Greenlight

Today, Steam announced the third round of titles coming out of the Steam Greenlight process. Steam Greenlight, which is driven by fans voting on projects to be developed and sold on Steam, had stuck solely to games for the first two installments. But today's roster revealed—in addition to games like Dragon's Lair and… » 11/30/12 12:00pm 11/30/12 12:00pm

Flee A Single-Minded Monster In This Dangerous Island Survival Game

You're creeping through the bushes on a jungle island, a map in one hand, an eye out ahead of you. There's something creeping through the underbrush behind you, a beast you'd best avoid. You look down at your map, desperate for the best way out of this canyon. Carefully, you head to the left, and past the cover of a… » 11/07/12 12:00pm 11/07/12 12:00pm