7 Games We Saw in Action That Never Came Out

It’s frankly ridiculous how close some games are to finished when they are cancelled - or, conversely, how vaporous they can be when they’re first shown. At trade shows, you see maybe 50 games in the space of 4 or 5 days, and a small proportion of them fade into the background and are never heard from again. Sometimes… » 4/29/15 10:30am 4/29/15 10:30am

Stargate Worlds Beta Launches October 15th

In less than two weeks the Stargate will open, allowing the first group of closed beta testers into the world of the hit Sci-Fi Channel television program. The Stargate Worlds closed beta kicks off on October 15th, and the developers are confident that the game is entering the home stretch.
“From now until launch,…
» 10/03/08 10:40am 10/03/08 10:40am