Mini Coopers Will Be Playing The Role Of Pac-Man Ghosts In Pixels

There's a new movie coming about aliens sending a bunch of old 8-bit, pixellated video game characters to Earth to kick our asses. Like almost every alien-kicking-our-asses movie, it looks pretty fun. This movie also gives the modern Mini Cooper its first real acting roles, where Minis will play the role of Pac-Man… »3/18/15 3:00pm3/18/15 3:00pm


The Best Batman Ever Drove A Custom Atari-Equipped '71 T-Bird

I can't believe I never heard of this guy until very recently. I can't believe most of us haven't heard of this guy. Because Willie Perry may just be the closest thing we've ever had to an actual, no-joke super hero. Like Batman, he had no made-up powers; unlike Batman, he wasn't rich. But he had the badass car, and… »1/30/15 4:16pm1/30/15 4:16pm

Someone Please Buy This Giant Halo Warthog Before It's Scrapped

Peter Cooper has been trying to sell this home-built, remarkably accurate Warthog for over a year now, and it looks like this may be the last chance to save it from the scrapyard. So I really hope someone steps up and becomes the proud owner of this beast, since it's pretty damn incredible. »12/30/13 6:29pm12/30/13 6:29pm