Titanfall, Witcher 3 Highlight This Year's Spike VGX

The Spike VGAs are now the Spike VGX. This year's annual award show is happening this Saturday at 6pm Eastern, and although it won't be televised live, we'll have the whole three-hour extravaganza streaming here on Kotaku for you. » 12/03/13 4:15pm 12/03/13 4:15pm

Samuel L. Jackson Says He Likes Assassin's Creed Better Than Pong

Sometimes you see Samuel L. Jackson walking down the red carpet at the Spike VGAs. And sometimes you feel compelled to ask him random questions about video games. Even if you get the feeling he doesn't actually play video games. » 12/11/12 12:30pm 12/11/12 12:30pm

Eight Seconds of New Last Of Us Footage

This Friday marks the 10th Anniversary of Spike TV's Video Game Awards, and it's sure to bring a bevy of exclusive reveals and announcements. One of those goodies will be a new story trailer for Naughty Dog's upcoming title The Last Of Us, which was itself unveiled at last year's festivities. » 12/03/12 3:43pm 12/03/12 3:43pm

For Your Consideration: The Second Annual Saxxy Awards

Valve has opened the voting for the second annual Saxxy Awards, celebrating cinematography in Team Fortress 2, and a winner shall be crowned on Nov. 30. Why so soon? Well, because the best overall winner is going to be announced at the Spike Video Game Awards on Dec. 7, and the video is going to be shown live. » 11/15/12 6:30pm 11/15/12 6:30pm

Oh, If Only Portal 2's Wheatley Had Won a VGA

Portal 2's Wheatley did not win an award at the Spike VGAs. Mildly disappointing, but then, given the Spike's themselves are mildly disappointing, I'm not losing much sleep over it. » 12/22/11 5:30am 12/22/11 5:30am

BioWare's Next Big Thing Makes an Explosive First Impression

While fans occupy themselves waiting for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the third Mass Effect game, BioWare is busy working on something new — something that looks like this. » 11/07/11 12:20pm 11/07/11 12:20pm

You'll Get Gameplay In Resistance 3's VGA Video

The Video Game Awards means the silly season of teasers, trailers, and teaser trailers is upon us. Though Resistance 3's been featured in much longer cinematics, this one promises you'll see actual real honest gameplay on Dec. 11. » 12/01/10 7:20pm 12/01/10 7:20pm

What Is "The Planet"?

As is customary, there will be several new game reveals during this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards. This is one of them, for a game that may (or may not!) be called "The Planet". » 11/24/10 12:00am 11/24/10 12:00am

Why Andy Richter Didn't Win A VGA Award

On last night's episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien, sidekick Andy Richter expresses disappointment that he didn't win a Spike VGA award for his work as the voice of Ezio in Assassin's Creed II. » 12/16/09 11:40am 12/16/09 11:40am

Weekend Brings New Star Wars, Batman, Rock Band, True Crime Game Reveals

In case you were out this weekend doing something other than sitting at a computer pressing F5 every half an hour, know that you missed a ton of new game announcements. » 12/14/09 2:00am 12/14/09 2:00am

Spike Awards TV Ratings Tank, Down 26%

Ah, the Spike Awards. What better way to celebrate the year's achievements in an ever-maturing and important creative industry than with an evening of advertisements and ill-advised celebrity cameos? » 1/14/09 11:30pm 1/14/09 11:30pm

Here Are Your Spike Video Game Awards Winners

The night is over, you've digested the trailers, now settle in and remember what the whole point of the night was: the awards. Click through for the full list of winners.
» 12/15/08 7:00am 12/15/08 7:00am