Watch These People Speedrun Pretty Much Every Game You Can Think Of

Do you like speedruns? Of course you do. They're incredible, mesmerizing feats of human determination. Do you like them enough to watch 135 of them for a week straight, though? Well, if you'd like to speedrun the very concept of speedrunning, now you can, with games ranging from Final Fantasy VII to, um, Rock Band. » 7/28/14 7:30pm Monday 7:30pm

Watch Two Players Team Up to Run Goldeneye in World-Record Time

Awesome Games Done Quick has, no lie, delivered some absolutely compelling video game theater this weekend already. That's a genuine roar from the audience when these runs are finished, and the cheering is richly deserved. Early this morning we got another instant classic: A world-record run of Goldeneye. » 1/11/14 3:00pm 1/11/14 3:00pm

Go to Hell and Back in Under Seven Minutes with This Spelunky Speedrun

Speedruns on most games don't particularly enthrall me though I do acknowledge the skill and knowledge it takes to pull off one in record time. This sub-7 minute dash through Spelunky is a different story—probably because of the element of luck involved in procedurally generated levels. And the fact Spelunky's damn… » 9/10/13 3:30pm 9/10/13 3:30pm