New Tricks Help Runners Shatter The Halo Legendary Speed Record

As of November of last year the world record time for completing Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary difficulty was 1:29:59. In this video a group of four speedrunners demonstrate techniques that shave a full 22 minutes off of that time. » 2/21/15 7:30pm 2/21/15 7:30pm

New Doom 2 Speedrun Record Beats Old One by 22 Seconds

This is a proper, literal, speedrun from Zero Master. He runs, it is speedy. The 23m03s time is also relatively legit - no glitches or tricks past the use of glides. Those involve coaxing the player's 32x32 unit hitbox through 32 unit gaps as a shortcut, or to skip collecting a few keys. » 11/19/14 7:30am 11/19/14 7:30am

The Secret Behind Dodging Destiny's Goblins: Sitting

Destiny's Toughest Challenge Cleared In Just 37 Minutes

That's a new record for The Vault of Glass, the first raid released for Bungie's new Destiny shooter. A team of five hunters and one lonely warlock managed to clear the whole thing in just 37 minutes, topping the last record of 1 hour and 50 minutes, both vast differences from the 10-hour-long ordeal it took the first… » 9/24/14 11:04am 9/24/14 11:04am

Super Mario World, Beaten In Record Time

Nine minutes and fifty one seconds. That's all speedrunner linkdeadx2 needs to blaze through Super Mario World, and it's a treat to watch him do it (in Mario PJs, to boot!) » 9/23/14 4:30pm 9/23/14 4:30pm

The Fastest Ocarina of Time Playthrough So Far, Explained

Cosmo Wright has the current world record for beating Ocarina of Time quickly, with a playthrough that clocks in at eighteen minutes and ten seconds. Even if you've watched the incredible near-perfect run before when we initially posted it, it's worth watching through again just to hear his excellent commentary. » 8/01/14 8:22pm 8/01/14 8:22pm

Watch These People Speedrun Pretty Much Every Game You Can Think Of

Do you like speedruns? Of course you do. They're incredible, mesmerizing feats of human determination. Do you like them enough to watch 135 of them for a week straight, though? Well, if you'd like to speedrun the very concept of speedrunning, now you can, with games ranging from Final Fantasy VII to, um, Rock Band. » 7/28/14 7:30pm 7/28/14 7:30pm

A New World Record For Beating Pokémon Red

Despite being criticized for being too easy, a typical play-through of any given Pokémon game might take around 8-25 hours. The world record for Pokémon Red as of July 2014, though? One hour and fifty minutes—and you can watch the incredible run here. » 7/24/14 12:02pm 7/24/14 12:02pm

Ocarina Of Time Speedrun Record Beaten With Near-Perfect Game

It's been a big few days for people who like to watch other people play video games real fast: the world records for both Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime have been beaten, the former in almost perfect fashion. » 7/20/14 8:37pm 7/20/14 8:37pm

Highlight Reel: The Most Stylish Way To Park A Boat

Today in gaming highlights: How to park a boat when you're done with it, how to scare off a Hearthstone opponent in one turn, and a new world record speedrun! » 7/11/14 12:30pm 7/11/14 12:30pm

Looks Like That Fallout 3 World Record's Been Beaten Already

Remember when everyone got excited that someone finished Fallout 3 in 23m55s? That was so June 30th because now there's a 23m13s run. » 7/02/14 7:30am 7/02/14 7:30am

Fallout 3 Beaten In Under 24 Minutes, A New World Record

Watch as speedrunner BubblesDelFuego jets across the capital wasteland, all in the name of speed. Bubbles manages to beat the game in an astounding 23:55, beating the previous record of 24:20. » 6/30/14 2:00pm 6/30/14 2:00pm

Why Speedrunners Use Glitches

Any time Kotaku writes about speedruns, we find that a good chunk of the community can't understand why someone would willingly use glitches and cheats to play through a game. Doesn't that make the playthrough less valid? Isn't abusing glitches, you know, wrong? » 5/28/14 6:15pm 5/28/14 6:15pm

Watch The New World Record For Beating Halo on Legendary

As of a few days ago, the fastest anyone has beat the original Halo: Combat Evolved is in one hour and thirty eight minutes—it's a new world record held by Andrew "goatrope" Halabourda, and you can watch him nail it here. » 5/05/14 6:00pm 5/05/14 6:00pm

Super Mario Bros. 3, Beaten In Under Three Minutes

If you immediately thought "must use a glitch," you'd be right: this run of Super Mario Bros. 3 posted by TASVideosChannel makes use of a bizarre pipe glitch which allows Mario to tunnel down to princess Peach in world 7-1. » 4/30/14 7:00pm 4/30/14 7:00pm

Someone Beat Super Mario 64 In Record Time

120 stars, all collected in under two hours—1:43:54, to be exact. The time is a new world record, and you can watch speedrunner Siglemic collect it with a mesmerizing efficiency here. » 4/22/14 6:00pm 4/22/14 6:00pm