Samsung's New Speakers Are Basically Portal Guns

Samsung says these fancy wireless speakers were created at a "state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia, California." We know better. They're clearly the product of Aperture Science, the secret think tank responsible for a hilarious murderous artificial intelligence, not to mention one hell of a teleportation tool. » 12/30/14 2:38am 12/30/14 2:38am

Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar: The Kotaku Review

For years peripheral maker Razer has been pumping sound directly into our ears via gaming headsets. The Leviathan marks its first attempt at sharing that sound with the rest of the room, and a valiant first attempt at that. » 12/10/14 5:00pm 12/10/14 5:00pm

The Best Desktop Computer Speakers

Taking more than double the votes of the runner-up, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker System is your choice for best desktop speakers. The fact that these same speakers won Lifehacker's Desktop Speaker Hive Five back in 2012 make the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 one of our most definitive winners and easiest… » 4/21/14 10:15am 4/21/14 10:15am

Six Best Desktop Computer Speakers

Hey, listen! We asked you to nominate your favorite desktop computer speakers, and now it's time to vote on the most popular choices. » 4/16/14 9:15am 4/16/14 9:15am

Don't Ruin Bastion by Letting it Play Through the iPad's Crappy Speaker

Supergiant Games' award winning action role-playing game Bastion is now available on the iPad, and it's one of the best experiences you can have with the Apple tablet. Just don't ruin it by playing without headphones. » 8/31/12 4:00pm 8/31/12 4:00pm

The Razer Ferox Are Sci-Fi Speakers That Fill A Room, Like It Or Not

If you are going to use portable speakers, sparing your ears of headphones, you may have a few demands. These speakers need to be easy to transport, a cinch to connect, sound good and... that's it? What if they emit sound in 360 degrees? » 2/11/11 8:00pm 2/11/11 8:00pm

DICE 2009 Puts Gabe Newell Behind A Podium

The 2009 Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain Summit has updated its list of speakers, and right at the top of the precariously teetering pile is Valve co-founder and president Gabe Newell. » 1/30/09 5:20pm 1/30/09 5:20pm