Artists Pulls 9/11 Invader Exhibit from Games Convention

Artist Douglas Stanley has asked the organizers of the Leipzig Games Convention to "simply turn off" his art installation, which features a mash-up of the attack on the World Trade Center and Space Invaders, at the show. On his website Stanley says simply that he's given the group permission to turn off the exhibit,… »8/22/08 11:32pm8/22/08 11:32pm

Taito Considering Legal Action Againt 9/11 Invader Artist

Taito today said they are considering legal action against artist Douglas Edric Stanley and his "Invaders!" exhibition at the Games Convention and that it was produced entirely without their knowledge. Taito said that in fact the entire "Space Invaders: The Anniversary Show" exhibition by the Computer Game Museum… »8/22/08 12:46pm8/22/08 12:46pm