Sons Of Anarchy Game Adaptation Has 'No Traction,' But That's Better Than Being 'A Piece of Shit Like Game of Thrones' Says Creator

Done right, the well regarded FX biker gang series Sons of Anarchy would seem to be a natural fit for a game adaptation. It's got guns, violence, antiheroes and a natural open-world setting. Doing it right, however, takes a lot of money and commitment. That is is why the series is getting "NO TRACTION" toward a video… »8/12/12 5:00pm8/12/12 5:00pm

If Biker Show Sons of Anarchy Gets a Video Game, It Won't be 'Some Slapcrap Browser Thing'

Back in February, word passed that Sons of Anarchy »5/11/12 8:01pm5/11/12 8:01pm, the biker-gang television series broadcast on FX in the United States, was exploring a video-game deal. It quickly followed that the talks might concern something less than the full retail release hardcore video gamers expected. Like a bullshit free-to-play browser…