Best Kojima Autograph Ever?

While everyone else was pushing Metal Gear Solid 4 sleeves in Hideo Kojima's face, nervously anticipating his autograph, Ray—friend of Kotaku reader Andrew—went clever. At the New York City Uniqlo signing event, he opted to have a pack of Marlboros personalized by Hideo while everyone else was upping the value of… » 6/13/08 10:40pm 6/13/08 10:40pm

Mario Breaks From Princess Saving To Shill Some Hockey

2K Sports made kind of a big deal about the impending release of NHL 2K9 being "the first and only officially licensed NHL and NHLPA video game for Wii" but we didn't know how serious the Take-Two label was. They got Mario—yes, that Mario—to help drum up enthusiasm for video game hockey, waggle-style at last night's… » 6/13/08 5:40pm 6/13/08 5:40pm