Skylanders Battlegrounds and the Best iPad Peripheral a Collector Can Have

Since the release of Skylanders Cloud Patrol for iOS last year, fans of Activision's toys-meet-games franchise have been clamoring for a more direct way to interact with their precious plastic playmates than entering in a cold, impersonal numeric code. Tomorrow's release of Skylanders Battlegrounds finally gets a… »11/20/12 8:55am11/20/12 8:55am


Skylanders Gets More Mobile With Two New Games and a Bluetooth Portal

Building upon the success of last year's Skylanders Cloud Patrol, Activision is preparing to unleash the full force of its toys-meets-video-games franchise on mobile devices, with two new titles due out next month, a mobile-friendly Portal of Power and a rejuvenation of Cloud Patrol courtesy of the Activate community… »10/29/12 12:05pm10/29/12 12:05pm