The Fretlight Guitar Sets a Shining Example for Hopeful Guitar Heroes

With Guitar Hero on extended leave and no new Rock Band title coming out this year, now is the perfect time to trade in our toy guitars for something a bit more substantial. Going from five colorful plastic buttons for six strings with 22 frets each is a daunting task however, especially when music games have trained… »5/30/11 2:00pm5/30/11 2:00pm


Nyko's Move Rifle Is A Nice Shot But Not Enough To Break Through

I don't know if I'll ever be sold on the idea that motion-control in first-person shooters can provide any greater fun or any means of shortening the genre's tactical learning curve into something more instinctive. It is, as I've said, like trying to turn a doorknob with barbecue tongs. You're just better off turning… »4/22/11 6:00pm4/22/11 6:00pm