Microsoft's Cortana Could Combine the Best Parts of Siri and Google Now

Microsoft is late to the game when it comes to putting a digital assistant on its phones, but the wait might be worth it. Sources close to the project have revealed some of the specifics of Microsoft's upcoming "Cortana" service to The Verge, and it could be the very best of Siri and Google Now. »2/20/14 1:51pm2/20/14 1:51pm


Mad Magazine Declares iPhones One of "The 50 Worst Things in America"

You know how some jokes make you laugh because they feel like they're hitting on some essential truth? That's how Mad Magazine's skewering of Siri and Apple's recent labor woes comes across in these fake ads from the comedy institution's upcoming issue.

The Foxconn scandals degraded some of Apple's vaunted… »4/10/12 3:00pm4/10/12 3:00pm