Microsoft Bringing Cross-Platform Apps To The 360?

It's since been edited to remove all mention of Microsoft's home console, but earlier today, the Redmond software giant was advertising for people to come help work on Silverlight stuff for the Xbox 360. What does that mean? » 11/23/10 12:30am 11/23/10 12:30am

New Dashboard Commercials Bring Ad Breaks To Your 360

As many of you have no doubt probably seen by now if you've been connected to Xbox Live, Microsoft's new dashboard advertisements have begun appearing for Xbox 360 owners. » 7/20/09 8:30am 7/20/09 8:30am

Ads Coming To Xbox 360 Dashboard?

Sean Alexander, director at Microsoft's Advertising Business Group, has suggested that you could soon be seeing advertisements every time you fire up your 360 dashboard. » 6/30/09 10:30pm 6/30/09 10:30pm