Watch the Precious (?) Enhancements of Street Fighter x Tekken's Gem System

Street Fighter x Tekken's Gem System has been quite a controversy in the fighting game community. There are those who feel it makes the game too easy, that it will, in fact, break the game itself. After playing through SFxT's tutorial and pumping in a couple of hours into versus mode, I think that Capcom has managed… »2/10/12 11:30am2/10/12 11:30am


Watch the Hilarious Intros and Entrances for Street Fighter x Tekken's Tag Teams to See Why They're Working Together

Street Fighter x Tekken is more than just the crossover of two powerhouse fighting game franchises. It's also a fusion of the sensibilities behind the two universes. Similar plot points—lethal government agents, shadowy underworld crime syndicates, etc.—get used in various Street Fighter or Tekken games, but the… »2/09/12 3:01am2/09/12 3:01am

Street Fighter x Tekken To Feature Inter-Franchise Cross-Dressing. Seriously.

The characters of Street Fighter x Tekken are going to be trading more than blows. Capcom and Namco's characters are going to be swapping outfits when the martial arts mash-up hits next year. The shots over at Capcom Unity show Tekken's obese ass-kicker Bob in a Ryu-style gi and Street Fighter mainstay Chun Li in a… »11/18/11 1:40pm11/18/11 1:40pm