Console Wars: The Kotaku Book Review

Nintendo didn't just dominate the American video game industry in the late '80s. It was the video game industry. As the 1990s began, Nintendo held a stranglehold on 80 percent of the market, a statistic made all the more impressive when you realize that the other 20 percent was split among three different competitors.… » 5/14/14 12:15pm 5/14/14 12:15pm

This Is How The Best Arcade Driving Game Got To Your Living Room

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s and loved cars, you're probably familiar with Sega's OutRun, one of the best arcade driving games ever made. But getting it from the arcade to your home was no easy task. Oppo's Gabor Vajda talks to the developer of the Commodore 64 version about how that happened. Make sure you turn… » 5/02/14 1:48pm 5/02/14 1:48pm