Graphic Novel Second Quest Is A Frightening, Zelda-Inspired Fable

The young girl in Second Quest will seem familiar to most video game lovers. Azalea explores ruins, collects artifacts and tries to uncover the mysterious hidden history of her floating fantasy homeland. But, halfway through the story, she throws away the ocarina, boomerang and slingshot she’s found. She needs to save… »4/24/15 3:29pm4/24/15 3:29pm


Two Creators Frustrated With The Legend of Zelda Are Bringing You a Great-Looking Graphic Novel

Some people felt like Skyward Sword soared. Others felt like the latest entry in Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series was saddled with annoying issues. Even current steward Eiji Aonuma feels like changes may need to happen to the long-running franchise. While the impact of these mixed feelings on the next Zelda game is… »10/24/12 2:00pm10/24/12 2:00pm